About Me

      Originally from Texas and now based in  New Orleans, Louisiana, Molly travels the world to find inspiration from different cultures and nature in all its forms. She believes that nature's perfection  can be celebrated through art, and she puts this belief into her work. Throughout her painting career she has created surrealistic animal scenes to portraits to captivating abstract pieces, and she skillfully mixes all of  these different artistic styles.  Use of color and what it can do for the viewer’s eye is also very prevalent in her work. Molly's art is a way to honor the incredible beauty of nature, and humanity.

     Along with her own studio practices, Molly has also been teaching art classes  for many years. Ranging from children to adults, beginners to seasoned painters, the classes are able to be modified to fit any age group or skill level. She believes that art can be used to create a whole lot of good in the world, and due to this she started a series of art auctions  called “Art for Reform”.  Molly and her small team have raised over $25,000 for various non profits and are still  rolling out auctions.

     While dealing with various health conditions that leave her in chronic pain a large portion of the time, listening to the body  in terms of creating is a very necessary aspect of her work flow. She invites all viewers to take part in her journey where our creativity, imagination  and the real world come together.